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Interested in what happened at BlogWorld? During the sessions, I sent out enough twitter updates to fill a 15 page Word document, which added up to over 300 updates. This post covers Book Deals, Digital Assets And Corporate Sponsorships with Prince Campbell, Jonathan Fields and Geoff Nelson.

You’ll find all of my BlogWorld08 twoverage [tweet +coverage] here.

Thanks to those of you who asked me to share these updates.

Reader’s Guide: Each line represents a live update made on @wiredprworks on Reporting is in reverse order; so start at the end and read your way up. Note that this is exactly what I typed during the session, misspellings and all. When you see @name, this means that the person who was talking may be found on Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies. 

Did you go to BlogWorld? Please share your takeaways and resources in the comments section.

I walked in late to this session – too many people to talk to in the hallways. Other places to find more detail

Glenda’s recap of day two sessions covers major points from several sessions, including book deals, digital assets and corporate sponsorships

Ducksnorts, a sports blogger, summed up blog and book marketability highlights: “The panelists focused on the importance of marketability, with the two big lessons here being that price is all about perceived value and that you always want to keep your end game in mind, ensuring that everything you’re doing is pulling you in that direction.”

Book Deals, Digital Assets and Corporate Sponsorships for Bloggers Session Transcription by Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks on

retheauditors: Will work on that. RT @wiredprworks @lizstrauss to get published need a marketable manuscript and be someone who’s easy to work with #bwe08

@lizstrauss to get published need a marketable manuscript and have to be someone who’s easy to work with #deals, #bwe08

how big of a platform do you need? depends, smaller pubs, smaller platform #deals, #bwe08

you need to know what your endgame is, make sure everything you are doing is headed in that direction #deals #bwe08

RT thanks DaveTaylor @wiredprworks psssst Peter Shankman’s Twitter Id is @skydiver 🙂 #bwe08

RETWEET @suziecheel 2pm Launch of my book “emergings- a meditation on the emotions of change” by @lizstrauss @photrade booth 510 at #BWE08

ShannonRenee: Retweeting @wiredprworks: follow session updates (expand) #bwe08

if you want to speak at a conference, propose the whole package, not just a session @lizstrauss #deals, #bwe08

might take 6-7 tries to get past gatekeeper to get corporate sponsorships #deals #bwe08

people talk about corporate stuff, but it’s really all about relationships #deals, #bwe08

follow session updates (expand) #bwe08

couple of ways to approach radio, radio and tv internet report, HARO @petershankman, set up sattelite radio tour #deals #bwe08

ShannonRenee: Retweeting @wiredprworks: we leave a footprint that lasts forever online – get it out there and comment on company blogs #bwe08

we leave a footprint that lasts forever online – get it out there and comment on company blogs #bwe08

@jetblue has a dedicate community manager, his job is to check out twitter, use the places that you use to reach out #bwe08

if you have an audience and what you’re saying is what people are interested in, they/companies will come to you #bwe08

call companies and say I blog alot about this – how can we work together? #bwe08

in digital assets sessions, this is where real $ is, facebook session too full to get into s/b in here #bwe08

Book Deals Panelists

Liz Strauss, @lizstrauss

Prince Campbell

Jonathon Fields, @jonathonfields

Geoff Nelson

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