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linkedin-inc-barbara-rozgonyiThanks so much to my friend Marla Tabaka for inviting me to contribute to her column. It’s exciting to be featured in “Unlocked Secrets on LinkedIn” on

Marla says, “All too often I receive resistance when I suggest to a client that she utilize LinkedIn to build vendor, partner, and prospect relationships. But what might first feel like an intimidating pilgrimage into foreign land can result in a journey of growth, connection, and prosperity. All it takes is a little know-how—and the willingness to put yourself out there.” 

Where are you on your LinkedIn journey?

When I speak to groups and ask, “Who here is on LinkedIn?” usually at least 80% of the hands go up. When I ask “Who here believes they are optimizing their LinkedIn network’s potential?” maybe 10% agree. There is always room to make more progress – and get results.

Every time I work with Marla she makes me think.

I’ve written about PR and LinkedIn before. This time, Marla sent over a list of challenging questions like . . .

  • Who is LinkedIn for? What types of businesses do you recommend use LinkedIn as their primary social media marketing tool?
  • What’s the difference between leveraging LinkedIn versus Facebook and Twitter?
  • How do you research connections and target customers for business development tips on creating relationships on LinkedIn?

Marla did a marvelous job of framing the LinkedIn information in with her life coach perspective.

Marla Tabaka-life-coach

Marla Tabaka is a life and business coach who helps entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses grow their companies faster. She serves as a Success Coach for Make Mine a Million and helps award recipients grow their businesses to $1 million and beyond. Marla has 25 years of experience in corporate, start up and entrepreneurial ventures.

Here’s a clip from the LinkedIn secrets post.

Once you have set up your company page think about how you can integrate LinkedIn throughout your sales and marketing strategy. Rozgonyi has the following suggestions:

  • Utilize LinkedIn’s Card Munch app at networking events and on sales calls to connect to your prospects right away. Make sure you offer a free report or something else with value in your invitation to connect.
  • Add LinkedIn’s blog application to your personal profile to pull in company blog updates.
  • Install the slideshare application into your personal profile. Upload a PowerPoint about your company’s services and the presentation will appear on your profile.
  • Invite customers to leave recommendations on the products and services page on your LinkedIn company page.

Are we connected on LinkedIn?  How do you grow relationships on LinkedIn?

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