Top Marketing Content Blogs | Junta 42 Releases Rankings

Another site, another ranking system for top marketing blogs- they’re all the same, right? Well, no.

Junta42’s top marketing blog list is different than most out there. It’s based on content. Want to know what makes great content? Read Junta42’s Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing.

Here’s why and here’s what I like about this ranking system, borrowed from their press release:

The Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs stood out for their commitment to covering the issues at the heart of content marketing. Unlike other top blog lists that focus on solely traffic and popularity, the Junta42 team reviews each blog individually on the basis of the following: 1) Relation to the field of content marketing, 2) Reader Value, 3) Junta42 Member Rank, 4) Regularity and 5) Google page rank.

This quote comes directly from Junta42’s press release announcing the latest list of top marketing blogs; Online Marketing Blog replaces Copyblogger as the number one marketing content blog. 

Wired PR Works comes in at number 64 on the list of 187 blogs.

You can vote for your favorite blogs by joining and then “hitching” or clicking on each one.

Think your marketing blog belongs on the list? Submit your blog to Junta42 for consideration.

What makes great content – to you?

Addition to original post . . . .
Here is the complete Top 42:

1 Online Marketing Blog

2 Copyblogger

3 Writing on the Web

4 Influential Marketing Blog

5 Web Ink Now

6 Marketing with Meaning

7 Nigel Hollis

8 Conversation Agent

9 Buzz Marketing for Technology

10 Post Advertising

11 Conversation Marketing

12 Marketing Interactions

13 PR 2.0

14 Nick Burcher

15 The Toadstool

16 Servant of Chaos

17 Chaos Scenario

18 No man is an iland

19 What’s Next

20 Buzz News

21 Be the Voice

22 Really Practical Marketing

23 Bringing Brands to Life!

24 ContentMarketingToday

25 Hard Knox Life

26 Web Strategy by Jeremiah

27 Drew’s Marketing Minute

28 JournaMarketing

29 Writing White Papers

30 Seth’s Blog

31 Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog

32 100% Original

33 EyeCube

34 Find and Convert

35 Techno//Marketer

36 Eat Media Blog

37 Conversational Media Marketing

38 Emerson Direct Marketing Observations

39 Internet Marketing Blog

40 Feed Growth!

41 Daily Fix

42 Occam’s Razor



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