July PR In-sights | Google Analytics + MyBlogLog

California and Illinois tied for top state with the most readers.

That’s one of my more interesting findings from July’s end of month statistics.

In June, I reported on the most read posts. This month, I decided to build in Google Analytics, a free service you can sign up for to track your web and blog traffic, and MyBlogLog, another free service that combines social media and traffic metrics.

July’s Top Five Posts

LinkedIn PR | Top 10 Ways to Become a Subject Matter Expert

My best-seller?

Twitter Guide |Talking in < 140 spaces

This one goes out to new followers as www.thetwitterguide.com

Tasting PR | Branding Consistency: A Tale of 2 Dairy Queens

Short and sweet, this post is a table that compares two ice cream stores.

What does “PR” stand for? Initials only . . .

Written in March, this one keeps popping back up – thanks to a reader who suggested “PR” stands for punk rock. Here’s to The Ramones!

BlogHer08 Buzz | Widget Tunes You In


Google Analytics

Where Readers Came From


Top States: California, Illinois, New York, Texas, Florida – now I know where I should do seminars 🙂

New Visits: 86.48%, need to do a better job on conversion

Search Engines: 96% Google, all others are insignificant from my blog’s perspective

Top Clicks and Links on MyBlogLog

Some of these anchor text links read like mini-headlines. Click on the image to enlarge. Almost one of every three visitors clicks on something. Although lots of people click on the invitation to connect with me on LinkedIn, few people send the invitation – is there a better way to ask?


Your Turn

What monitoring systems do you use to track your blog visitors and readers?

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