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brink-social media on the edge

“Google is every brand’s new home page.”

“You might want to think less about “marketing” and more about “findability.”

Two of my favorite quotes from Brink, a new new ebook that captures the best of Todd Defren’s writing at his blog, PR Squared. A principal at SHIFT Communications, Todd sets the tone for the best of what’s happening in PR and social media today.

Written for traditional marketers and “social media smarty pants,” Brink packs a lot of value in 41 pages. The concept of “edgework” is a new term for an approach that weaves together all the companion possibilities that social media offers.

Todd’s invitation to his readers to download, Brink, his ebook on social media marketing: Download the e-book.  Send it to your friends, with my compliments.  Because the e-book starts off slow with some basic principles, and then advances to some fairly sophisticated techniques, almost anyone intrigued by Social Media Marketing will get something out of it.  At least, that’s my hope!

Top Takeaways from Brink, A Social Media Guide from the Edge

Favorite tool: BlogPulse – track the blogosphere

Page 12 – blogger relations, quick and critical tips

Brings to mind a meeting of bloggers where the hosts were surprised that bloggers had so many questions and wanted to tell the story their own way. Bloggers are independent writers; they like to interpret things how they see them.

Page 13 – Blogger relations case study – how one product got 1200 comments on how to use it, follow through, follow through, follow through.

Page 28 – Facebook group rules of outreach – comes with a chart you can post and pass out.

Pages 38-49 – press release optimization guide, #20 buy AdWords for your press release is a new suggestion to me and one well worth testing – I like it.

Check out other multimedia downloads in SHIFT’s newsroom.


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