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The gist of the call that got me into a part-time faculty position at the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence went something like this . . .

The assigned instructor moved out of state. In three weeks, class starts. There is no set curriculum. You need to come up with 16 hours of teaching material for nonprofits that want to learn about marketing research, strategy and execution. Four people recommended you. Can you do it?

My response: uh . . . let me get back to you on that. Four weeks, four hours – that’s a lot of content. But, I’d already written most of it for a course I put together called The Success Summit Series: An entrepreneurial approach to branding, public relations and digital communication I created for the Chamber of Commerce in 2004.

Before I said yes, I retrieved the outlines from my hard drive and decided that I could update them quickly enough to present a class. Money was the next consideration. Part-time faculty members get compensated well, but not at a premium consulting. Would teaching be worth giving up that much consulting time? One friend said, “No way! Think of how much money you could make giving that time to clients.” She was right – about the money. But was this really about money or was it about something else, something I’d didn’t have the answer to yet?

Luckily, our client load was light enough for me to call back with a firm, but still cautious, yes. Walking into my very own college classroom and teaching my very own students felt not just good, it felt absolutely right. This May, I taught a blogging class for nonprofits where we hatched 13 brand new blogs. One of my former students said, “I signed up when I saw you would be teaching.”

This fall, I’ll be teaching two nonprofit management classes at The Academy for Nonprofit Excellence.

Gain a comprehensive overview of the marketing process and the skills needed to increase the effectiveness of marketing techniques in your nonprofit organization. $175
CCGE. CODE# 15600. W, 8:30 A.M. TO 12:30 P.M.
Above Class Only – Meets 4 Weeks, Starts Week Of 9/22

Nonprofit—Podcasts and Blogs
Discover how your association can generate real returns by learning to use media effectively. Drum up interest in your next event, build meeting attendance, grow your membership and create a year-round learning process. $175
CCGE. CODE# 15717. W, 8:30 A.M. TO 12:30 P.M.
Above Class Only – Meets 4 Weeks, Starts Week Of 10/27

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