What do You Recommend?

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What do I recommend?

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What do you recommend?

Over the course of any week,
you’re probably asked at least
a few times for a recommendation
for something.

Could be for an accountant, a printer,
phone service, a vendor, a contractor
or a restaurant.

When your clients know you, like you
and trust you, they’ll seek out and
follow your recommendations.

As their trusted advisor, they
count on you as a time and money
saving resource with good connections.

In fact, offering a list of recommended
resources is often the valued-added
edge that differentiates you from
your competition.

Do you have a list of recommended 
resources to connect your
clients with the help they need
when they need it?

Why not add recommendations to 
resources that pay you every time
someone clicks on the link you give them? 

There’s a whole industry dedicated to
helping you make connections like these.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s
rapidly evolving into big business.

Read the latest affiliate marketing
industry news at www.revenews.com.

For affiliate marketers, positioning
yourself as a resource for recommendations
(not just another pesky salesperson)
is a critical concept to grasp at the outset.

Becoming a trusted resource for your
audience/list means that you’re perceived
as the short cut express lane to
their ultimate solution.

That’s why you want to ask your
customer list what they want and
then deliver it to them right away.

They’re happy because you
saved them time.

You’re happy because you
made money.

Everybody wins.

Sounds simple, but is it?

Glad you asked!

Here’s all you need to get
started adding affiliate income
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To your off and online success~


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