Playing the Games of Sports and Social Media

Yes, that is me with Southpaw, who represents the Chicago White Sox on twitter, at games and community events. Taken at the Eat.Drink.Tweet. event at US Cellular Field in June 2010, this picture is one of many from my Chicago White Sox Tweetup Album. Thanks so much to Amy Jensen Martin of Digital Royalty for inviting me to represent Social Media Club Chicago on this panel and to Alana Golob, also of Digital Royalty, for being the event coordinator.

What an honor to sit alongside Brad Boron of NHL Chicago Blackhawks; Amy Jensen Martin of Digital Royalty; Sarah Evans of Sevans Strategy and Mark Teahan of Chicago White Sox. Scott Reifert, vice president of Chicago White Sox communications, moderated the panel discussion. In this video, we talk about how we got into social media.

Another question was about a social media success story. As the other speakers before me quoted numbers and great success – you would expect that from @nhlblackhawks – right?, I wondered what I could add. After all, the numbers from my client’s success stories didn’t add up that high and SMC Chicago’s members spill over into the 2100s, not into five or six digits. So, I brought the numbers down, way down into the smallest, most personal interaction: one to one. Because, to me, it’s the smallest of interactions that can have the biggest effects.

When I traced how I wound up sitting between Brad and Amy, the source came back to an invitation on Facebook from Sarah to attend a party at The Wit on a rainy January Saturday night in Chicago. I wasn’t planning on going. I emailed the invitation to a friend and suggested she go. It sounded like fun, but I had other plans. She called me right away – what time do you want me to pick you up? I went. I met Amy and two other moms from my town, which is 22 miles west of Chicago. The image I’m using now on my social networks is from that night. Five months later, Amy called. Six months later I was on the Eat.Drink.Tweet. panel. Today I’m writing a post about it.

How can the next social media interaction you take lead to a success story for everyone? Where do you get your social media inspiration?

Image gallery: Southpaw with Barbara Rozgonyi; social media moms including Xan Pearson and Amy Hesser at The Wit tweetup – and Barbara Rozgonyi, Amy Jensen Martin, Sarah Evans and Duong Sheahan – also at The Wit.

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