Fast Company Looking for the Most Influential Person Online

This will be one for the best-of case studies book. And, for me, it’s already fascinating to see how bloggers, social media thought leaders and internet marketers are spreading the word – in their own way – to their networks: email, blog posts, twitter updates and Facebook links have all found their way online.

The Influence Project, by Fast Company, is a campaign within a campaign. Fast Company’s 2010’s Most Influential Person Online-‘s tagline is you are more influential than you think. The link in this paragraph goes to my site, Barbara Rozgonyi on Fast Company’s 2010 Most Influential Person Online site as does this one. What happens when you click on a link from someone? You’ll be added to their sphere of influence and invited to start your own site.

Although the site is only a few hours old, you can quickly see the influence building for people who have major networks. All in the name of measuring influence – and getting your picture in the November 2010 issue of Fast Company.

Fast Company first contacted me about this project via a direct message on twitter on June 23.

The project?
A visual experiment called The Influence Project that will purely track how influence spreads via digital word-of-mouth.

The goal?
To discover who the most influential people are online.

That’s it.

You are one of the first people in the mix. As you know, influence is more than popularity, it’s affecting people. You embrace your community and you’ve created a loyal group of people that love to hear what you have to say and that you enjoy engaging with as well. You are in an influencer and we want you to be part of this.

From today’s email . . .

Check out the quick tutorial in the ABOUT THE PROJECT section and learn more about the guidelines, how we are measuring, FAQs and more. You can also follow Mark Borden’s blog about the project – An important note – upload a great photo and 140 character bio line for yourself since this is the only opportunity you’ll get to create this GET STARTED section. And, as I mentioned in my email last week, your photo will appear in the November 2010 issue of Fast Company mag along with possible coverage both online and in print.

Get started and become one of Fast Company’s most influential persons online.


Who’s who on your personal list of most influential people – on or offline?

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