Big Seminar: Thursday Night Warmup

If I had any doubts about whether or not to come to Atlanta, they’re all gone. I just got back to my room after an opening reception hosted by Power Pay.

My traveling/teleseminar partner, Jenny Hamby – The Seminar Marketing Pro, had dinner with me before the reception to talk about our strategy and goals for this Big Seminar.

Mine: build my list, expand my blog reach by reciprocating with other blogs (especially AM2Gold members) and position myself as a PR expert/transformations agent with my freshly printed Panoramic PR and Marketing Transformations Network postcards.

So far, it’s working. People get PR.

Here’s a quick look at who we met tonight: Christina Hills, DJ Dave, John Rooney, Jeff Mills, Kevin Nations and Joel Comm.

"Can you believe it’s only Thursday night?" Alex Mandossian asked us as we reconnected.

Tomorrow’s session opens at 8:30 for AM2Gold members.  Talk to you then.

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