Big Seminar 8: Day One Recap

How do I condense 23 pages of hand-written notes and an 8 page Word file into one post?

I can't - not this morning anyway.

These events are pretty much all on, all the time. So, today's schedule will be much like yesterday's: meet up at 8:30 and turn in around 12:30 - a.m.

Armand opened Big Seminar by introducing the speakers. Good move to let them preview their topic and also let us see who they are.

Friday's line-up included:

Armand Morin - The State of the Internet

Stu McLaren - Affilitae Inferno

Mike Woo Ming - The Last Secret in Internet Marketing

Ryan Deiss - Powerful Marketing Breakthroughs

Stephen Pierce - Make Your Next 365 Days Your Wealthiest 365 Days

Nine AM2Gold contest finalists presented a 5 minute speech after dinner. Networking followed.

Highlights to follow . . .

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