Big Seminar 8: Day Two Recap

Let's start with the end of the evening - the awards dinner - and work our way backwards . . .

The big announcement . . . Alex Mandossian is leaving AM2Gold to form the Electronic Marketing Institute.  Name stays.  Armand stays. Updates today. Meeting tomorrow.

Is joining AM2Gold worth the $500 monthly membership?

Well, yes and yes.

On Friday night, nine of the AM2Gold members who entered the Better Your Best contest each gave a 5 minute presentation on their membership experience/contest entry.

All Big Seminar attendees got to vote. If my math is right, our vote counted for 10% of the judging.

Ray Edwards, who made a video about the Internet/world creation timeline (the Internet is 5 seconds old) won the Saturn Sky convertible.

Although Ray's video impressed me, each of the winners had a powerful story to tell, a story about how being part of a group and using their leverage can get you where you want to go.

The contestants - all doers, movers and achievers would each make an insightful case study of their own. The runner up, Ellyn (spelled like Glen Ellyn), won a trip to Hawaii. Dell laptops went out as prizes to all of the competitors.

I lost track of how many iPods and HP laptops Armand gave out at dinner - he promised over $20,ooo worth of prizes in his promo emails.

After dinner and over networking, we talked about Armand's generous spirit. While I won't give away all of the stories here, I will say that this is one guy who leads by example. 

Networking nuggets . . .

- one person here bought every product offered, yep, every one of them. And no it's not me. How much would that cost you? At least $10,000.

- the guru who told that story said this person asked for his advice on where he should start, where ever you need help the most.

- find one product you need and work on mastering it in between Big Seminars or conferences

Presentation Takeaways

Sylvie and Michel Fortin, The Money Magnet Method - the ideal business model is easy to build, maintain, grow and duplicate. Setting up many sites that continually produce passive income is one way to build a baseline cash flow.  Examples:, Visit Sylvie's blog,

Jim Edwards, Video Profit Explosion - "Watch a free video" is a compelling offer and an automatic viral marketing add-on. Examples:,

Mike Filsaime, im5 - What happens when you work on several projects at once? You delay your progress and profits. Three ways to increase profits: increase traffic, increase conversion, increase frequency. Examples:

Matt Bacak, MIT: Millionaire Internet Training -  Matt sat at our table during lunch. Here's what I learned: Matt's into systems, testing and controls. Once he sets something up, it runs. His stuff works. Every one of his students I met talked about getting immediate and impressive results with his programs.

Alex Mandossian, Teleseminar Secrets - "Proven Strategies that Accelerate Your Online Profits by Unlocking the Revenue Generating Power of Your Telephone" Alex is a master presenter and the only one - so far - who's left the stage to walk in the aisles or encouraged us to share our ideas with each other during his presentation. I like his style - and his product. I'm a "telesemarian" having completed the course earlier this year.

That's it for now . . . gotta run downstairs.

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