Unlock the Internet Game on 9/6

What would happen if you talked to everyone who visited your site? You’d probably convert more sales, answer loads of questions and be able to fine-tune your site so that visitors get exactly what they’re looking for right away. In visiting Perry Marshall’s The Definitive Guide to Ad Words site, I got a pop up chat window with a photo of Brian who wanted to know if I was finding everything okay. Kind of strange to have a web site talk to you, but also reassuring to know there’s a human being on the other side of the screen. Although I’m not sure of their technology, I think Perry Marshall’s new product is built on www.liveperson.com.  You’re on your own on this one – I don’t have any experience with it, but the site’s credentials impressed me. The only downside (if there is one) is  – you’re going to need a live person to monitor the site.  Ari Galper and Perry Marshall’s new product, Unlock the Internet Game, talks about how the direct marketing sales letter is dead. It’s an interesting concept – one worth reading. Who knows? Maybe Ari will check in with you like he did with me a few minutes ago. Totally Cool!!!

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