Public Relations Marketing Analysis: Diagnosing Pain


Today’s Marketing Transformation News ezine article, tells you how to diagnose your prospect’s pain. After answering 16 questions, you can develop a cure and treatment plan that replaces pain with results. Let me know what you’d add  . . .

Public Relations Marketing Analysis: Diagnosing Pain

by Barbara Rozgonyi for CoryWest Media, LLC

Diagnostic tests. We use them for cars, people, computers and anything else that’s broken and needs to be fixed. Test results show what’s wrong, how much damage needs to be repaired and give costs or treatment plans to restore the person, place or thing to a healthy state.

No matter what kind of business you run, your prospects are really patients looking for a cure or fix that helps them get results. When you think of yourself as a diagnostic practitioner that prescribes personalized treatment programs, you can diagnose your client’s pain and save them the time and expense of searching for alternative solutions. Here’s a list of 16 questions you can ask your prospect – and your business – to find answers that help you refine your marketing and your service.

For example, most business owners feel the pain of making decisions about marketing. Evaluating options, testing programs, waiting for results – all take time. Some solutions, like elaborate integrated marketing campaigns, require great investments. Others, like online PR, offer almost immediately trackable returns.

Questions to Ask Your Prospects

  1. When did the pain first start?
  1. How long have you had it?
  1. What have you tried to relieve it? Did it work? Why or why not?
  1. Is it a chronic or acute pain?
  1. What results are you looking for?
  1. How fast do you want the pain to go away?
  1. How long does the relief need to last?
  1. What are your willing to do to make the pain reliever more powerful?

Practitioner questions

  1. What kind of “doctor” is qualified to make the diagnosis or write a prescription? What qualifies you as a professional practitioner?
  2. What dose and mix of treatments do you recommend?
  3. Do they need to take anything with your reliever? Anything your pain reliever doesn’t mix with?
  4. Any warnings to follow?
  5. Who or what else might be a pain reliever? How does your relief compare to theirs?
  6. Do you have a “clinic” that treats this disorder?
  7. What type of follow up treatment plan do you offer?
  8. What are typical results over what time period?

Once you have all the answers, present yourself as a diagnostic practitioner and see how selling products, getting new members or raising awareness gets easier and easier. After all, who doesn’t want to be free from pain?

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