Top 100 Blogs: Social Media & Social Networking


Looking for a list of social media and social networking blog resources to learn from and feed into?

Virtual Hosting Blog recently complied and released a list of the top 100 social media and social networking blogs in these categories: most popular/social media; most popular/social networking; Web 2.0; investor analysis; developer blogs; industry news; social media and marketing; social media and Google; and miscellaneous.

What a list to watch – and link to! Congratulations to Leverage Social Media – and thanks to them for linking to my post about Leo Laporte’s BlogWorld Expo presentation.

By the way, Wikipedia needs social media experts – if that’s you, log in and talk. 

Only a  few PR-centric blogs made the list, but maybe social media + social networking = public relations? What do you think? Who’s missing?

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