2008 Internet Marketing Education Buyer’s Guide

Quick – what did you spend on continuing education in 2007?

Don’t know. Neither do I.

Wendy’s post about just saying no to overspending on useless Internet marketing products prompted me to put together this 2008 continuing education buyer’s guide. I have to admit I was in the room and in on that conversation about spending $50,000 on Internet marketing “business development.”  

Yep, that $50k was quite a jaw-dropper. But, easy to add up when you consider expensive monthly memberships at $500 and up; conference registrations and packages that promise to cure-it-all, all-at-once. Implementing all of it and taking action would take, uh, years.

Wendy’s post prompted me to come up with a continuing education buyer’s guide to help you plan for 2008.

Here’s what you need to do . . .

– build in an annual continuing education component

– focus on one theme like becoming an expert

– carefully evaluate each product’s match to your theme

– listen to a preview call to see if the product is right for you

– don’t believe in the fast cash come on – it’s a fairly rare fairy tale

– research the author/creator/vendor – who are they and where did they come from?

– match the system to your learning style – readers won’t want to watch 20 hours of DVDs and iPod users won’t want to slog through a manual

– never buy anything from a site that has a car or glamorous models on it

– email the creator and ask if the product’s right for you for your situation

– set aside time to take action – don’t have time? Don’t buy the product.

– read every sales letter with a critical eye – don’t get hypnotized by hype

– contact or Google the testimonials – are they really real people or imposters?

– check out the guarantee – and get your money back if you can’t use the product

– be honest: will you be the 1/10 that takes action?

– Tell your spouse or a friend what you expect to get out of taking the course, going to the conference or joining the club. If you can’t convince them that it’s worth it, it’s probably not.

I do believe there is a place for solid content that saves people time and money. That’s why I’m working on a PR course for entrepreneurs and bloggers. And, I will continue to recommend information products I use and like.

What’s your continuing education plan for 2008?

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