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“That was a great post. I can tell you spent lots of time on it.” – recent comment
Well, not as much time as you think and I have Yubby to thank for that.

Back at BlogWorld in Las Vegas, I met Vincent from Yubby [and Amsterdam!] as he and Daniel Honigman were exchanging contact information by bumping their iPhones. After I took this picture, I asked Vincent to do a video about how Yubby works. We used Vincent’s camera microphone. He then uploaded the video to my Macbook and it took me awhile to upload it to YouTube. Here it is . . . .

Although it took me a little longer than I’d like to upload the video, I started using Yubby and set up a KA review channel almost right away. And, everyone who checked out BlogWorld Expo’s site, saw Yubby in action. One person told me that the Yubby videos on the BlogWorld speaker page were the reason they came to BlogWorld.

How do you use Yubby?
1. Sign up
2. Create a channel
3. Search videos
4. Drag icons into your channel
5. Choose a style
6. Grad the embed code
7. Publish

Total time to publish a channel: as little as one minute. Here’s the BlogWorld Expo Yubby channel.

Tip: search for your name or keywords and see what comes back from 30 different video sources. Then, create, publish and promote your video marketing channels.

How do you use video in your marketing?

Disclosure: BlogWorld Expo provided complimentary registration to members of the media.

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