Project Confident Friendship

joannayoung-confidentwritingWhat do you do to welcome a blogger back to blogging? You write a welcome back post, of course.

Thanks to Karen Swim and Brad Shorr I’m part of a group of bloggers writing a post today to greet Joanna Young on her return from a blogging break and a move into her new home.

I first met Joanna, who writes Confident Writing, through her Chicago images. She came in from Scotland a few days early for SOBCon and started the SOBCon flickr stream.

So, my favorite Confident Writing post is Joanna’s 10 writing reasons to take more photographs, just the incentive/license I need to keep snapping away. For creative inspiration, take a look at Joanna’s flickr albums.

Here’s an image for Joanna – I love butterflies and hope Joanna does, too.










Image credit: Barbara Rozgonyi

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