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Finding myself stuck here rather than on the road over the weekend due to an overly productive snowstorm, I hit the gym in search of double workout: cardio/social. On the elliptical, a neighbor and I started talking about the job market. As we racked up miles, our conversation soon wandered off to a topic I’d never considered before: wedding publicity.

Jim told me about a couple whose wedding dance video – with over 8 million views from the top poster – got them spots on Ellen, NBC’s Today show, MSNBC, WNBC New York and who knows where else. The bride’s dressmaker, J.Crew, is the fortunate recipient of all kinds of publicity they couldn’t dream up or buy.

Searching for Wedding Dance on YouTube, I found 25,600 videos. The first result is the Brubaker video, which also gets seven listings out of the top 20 videos. The highest number of views comes from johnm’s submission.

Take a look at the stats for the original source of Best First Dance Brubaker:

4165 ratings – overall 4 stars


favorited 10, 216 times

Check out the number of clicks from these sites that link to the video:

1998381 clicks from http://widget-0f.slide.com/widgets/sf.swf

896705 clicks from http://widget.slide.com/widgets/single.swf

60694 clicks from http://widget-ce.slide.com/widgets/sf.swf

16953 clicks from http://video.stumbleupon.com/

13879 clicks from http://www.videosift.com/video/Best-First-Dance-at-a.

Added November 9, 2007 by johnm, John’s only YouTube video, the video is posted in the entertainment category with these tags: brubaker, first, dance.

SEO tagging is the biggest overlooked area for exposure when uploading videos, writing posts or participating in social media in general. I suggest adding: wedding dance, Baby Got Back dance, J Crew wedding dress, Righteous Brothers, Brubacker, Today Show, MSNBC, Ellen and top wedding videos.

Here’s the video . . . it starts out as a traditional slow dance and then mixes into a – well, watch it and you’ll see- dance.


PR Takeaways for Brides and Publicity Seekers of All Sorts [replace “wedding” with your product or service] . . .

Be original and sassy, go against convention

Get ideas from Top 10 Wedding Dance Videos

Submit your video to the categories where it will get noticed

Send the link to top posters in these categories; if they like it they’ll post it, too

Comment on popular videos and leave a link to yours

Visit the sites that get the most clicks and find out how to submit yours

Hire a choreographer and practice if you want a hit like this

Invest in a high-quality wedding video to make the most of your memorable day

Email everyone you know and ask them to spread the word about your video link

Entertain your live and future audiences with something wacky

Contact the dress designer to let them know the video is up

Know that once it’s up, it may never come down

What do you think – would you put your wedding video on YouTube?

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