Big Seminar 8: Day Three Recap

Sylvie Fortin was first up with "Outsourcing Mastery," making a good case for the need for outsource management vs. outsourcing task by task. 

Sylvie said top Marketers have 4 things in common

-          have voracious appetites for information products, they can’t wait to see what's coming next, they know it’s the only way to grow; the bottom line it they're making money every single day without fail

-          enjoy multiple income streams

-          work fewer hours for better results

-          Take action and move FAST

Rich Schefren, author of the Internet Manifesto, spoke on "How to Turn Your Website into a Real Business."  Watch a video of Rich Schefren's Business Building Presentation.

Armand's talk was on "The SECRET Unfair Internet Business Advantage" with 8 laws of Internet success. He also covered the updated/upgraded AM2Gold program; now known as AM2.0.

Speaking of AM2.0, I'm on my way to an all-day meeting of the AM2.0 minds . . .

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