Big Seminar 8: Day Three Recap

Sylvie Fortin was first up with "Outsourcing Mastery," making a good case for the need for outsource management vs. outsourcing task by task. 

Sylvie said top Marketers have 4 things in common

          have voracious appetites for information products, they can’t wait to see what’s coming next, they know it’s the only way to grow; the bottom line it they’re making money every single day without fail

          enjoy multiple income streams

          work fewer hours for better results

          Take action and move FAST

Rich Schefren, author of the Internet Manifesto, spoke on "How to Turn Your Website into a Real Business."  Watch a video of Rich Schefren’s Business Building Presentation.

Armand’s talk was on "The SECRET Unfair Internet Business Advantage" with 8 laws of Internet success. He also covered the updated/upgraded AM2Gold program; now known as AM2.0.

Speaking of AM2.0, I’m on my way to an all-day meeting of the AM2.0 minds . . .

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