Let’s Talk Mobile Apps – Do You Need One?


So while were on vacation the Wired PR Works iPhone app got named to a list of 44 useful mobile apps for social media marketers.*

Thanks so much to Social Media Explorer contributor Debbie Hemley for the mention. This is a great list and one well worth checking out.

How flattering and unexpected! Especially considering that there is only one other PR app on the list. It’s as exciting as when the Wired PR Works iPhone app appeared on cnet.com.

Because this app is 18 months old, I took this honor as a challenge to upgrade my app with more features. After all, the existing app is a blog and twitter RSS feed. Certainly, there is more one can do, no? Yes!

Now, let’s talk mobile apps – do you have one or do you need one?

It’s not whether you need one. Really it’s more about whether or not the world needs your app.

Because, as one app developer told me when I was checking on pricing for a client, “If you spend money on a lame app, you’ll look bad and it could damage your brand.” That was three years ago.

Now that everyone, almost, has an app, do you think the coolness bar is lower or higher?

Upgrading the Wired PR Works iPhone App

Diving back into AppMakr, my original source, I was delighted to find out that apps are now free! But . . . to get the free app, you need to be an Apple developer and I need to upgrade my operating system to Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopard is on its way from amazon.com and my Apple developer application is pending approval.

While we’re waiting, here’s how I plan to upgrade it [fingers crossed that it will actually all work].

Social Media Marketing Mobile App Ingredients

Like a smorgasbord of everything Wired PR Works has to offer, here’s what I have planned. What would you add to the app?

Wired PR Works blog posts

@wiredprworks on twitter.com

 Barbara Rozgonyi on Google+

Tip: How to create a Google+ profile RSS feed

Enter your profile ID after http://plusfeed.appspot.com/

Wired PR Works on Facebook

Barbara Rozgonyi on flickr

 wiredPRworks on Slideshare

wiredprworks on Friendfeed

Contact Barbara Rozgonyi

I’d also like to add newsfeeds that my readers would find relevant – what would those be for you?

If you’d like to make your own app, there are lots of services out there now that make it easy to get started. Most charge at least a monthly fee, some charge a set up fee as well.

Mobile Application Developer Resources

BuzzTouch is a free app developer.

How to make mobile apps for the Android market

How to create a blockbuster mobile app

The iPhone app that helps you build iPhone apps

How to build an iPhone app in 6 easy steps

*Special thanks to my #MsTech friends Nicole Yeary and Parissa Behnia for being among the first to let me know about the Social Media Explorer mobile apps list.

Your turn – what apps make your social media marketing and PR better, faster or even more fun?

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