Social Media Beats Traditional PR Pitches

On April 19 I covered key highlights from a 2010 media survey, but I missed an important one. When I tweeted this stat:

according to PRNewswire 70% of social media tweets result in coverage vs 20% traditional PR

given at presentation at the UnGeeked Elite Conference in Milwaukee, it got retweeted and questioned.

Some people didn’t think it sounded right. So, I asked the speaker for the source, which led back to the 2010 media survey. Here’s a clip that confirms the stat.

Media & PR & Social Media
The prevalence of social and consumer-generated media has led to several changes in the way that PR practitioners view and engage the press. While, PR professionals still consider email to be the most effective means for pitching journalists (74%), 43% of journalists report having being pitched through social networks compared to 31% in 2009. Higher success rates may be a reason behind the increase. In both the US and Canada, pitches through a social network resulted in coverage approximately 70% of the time. In contrast, the standard pitch to a US or Canadian journalist rarely leads to coverage, with 66% pegging the success rate at 0-20%.

Source: PR Newswire Study: Journalists Tap Social Media; More Bloggers Associate Work as Journalism; PR Practitioners Increasingly Leverage Online Opportunities

Qualifier: Results based on survey of a total of 1,568 traditional and non-traditional media and, for the first time, 1,670 PR practitioners.

Two questions for you: How do you pitch your stories? If you use pitch via social media what works for you?

Image: Milwaukee Night Light by Barbara Rozgonyi for thesociallens

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