Reality Show PR: Marketing Tickets to Success Stories

Take your prospects behind the scenes with a ticket to see client success stories:
all ready and made for marketing by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media and Public Relations Expert, updated and first published in May 2007.

When clients want to know what you do, invite them into a behind-the-scenes reality show. Giving them a play-by-play of how your business impacts lives gives them a better appreciation of how to work with you. Talking about how you make your client’s lives or businesses better is much easier when you can use a case study. And, having a format makes it even easier.
Here’s how to make your product or service come alive using the S-A-R method.

What are your prospects looking for when they find you? What needs to be changed? Why do they come to you? What are their common needs? How do you relieve their pain?
Looking at the situation or starting point from a prospect’s perspective gives you insights you can use not only in your case studies, but in your marketing messages. Using a before picture helps prospects relate to the need for your services and supports the need to change.

How does the client fit into the project approach? Who best benefits from your company or product? What did you do, specifically? When did the project take place? Where is the client located? Why did you decide to take this approach?
In describing your approach, include common elements plus individual design components. That way, prospects know you have a proven system that includes their input and they can see themselves.

What was the payoff – higher profits, better results, a new lifestyle?
Many times the value goes beyond just one measurement. For example, an article we placed in a leading trade publication resulted in higher employee satisfaction, a greater awareness in the industry, improved investor relations and yes, more sales. Let your client talk about the results in a quote, video or audio testimonial. And, check back every six months for an update. After images can be graphs, charts, the client’s logo and photos.

Once you have these three elements, you can package them into a white paper, special report or include them as ongoing studies in a newsletter or blog. Before and after pictures with photo captions makes a quick case study for fast readers. Test out a few formats to see which one appeals to your prospects. An mp3 recording of a client interview works for those who like to learn on the go while a printed and first-class mailed formal publication appeals to luxury buyers.

Photo credit goes to Disclosure: images provided in exchange for credit and source link.

What client success stories do you share?

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