BtoB versus BtoC Social Media and Direct Marketing

Next up in my social media marketing video series is this one, about B2B versus B2C. Are they really that different? Maybe in terms of sales cycles and lifetime customer values. But, no matter whether your company is B2B, B2C or a mix of both, there’s one tactic that’s often overlooked.

With the rush into social, social, social, many companies are neglecting a century old standby: direct marketing. 

Going back to the days of when the mailbox was the only inbox, lessons about how to directly marketing to customers may be cast aside as outdated. 

Yet, the lessons and principles of direct marketing apply today and can be applied to technology – or letterhead! 

How Direct Marketing Connects Your Brand with Your Communities

Part 2 of 3 – 3 Simple Essentials You Absolutely Need To Know About 3D Marketing

Use these direct marketing principles to improve your lead generation:

  • Use a targeted list: Facebook ads make this easy
  • Personalize emails with name and special offers
  • Stay in touch with you customers – regularly
  • Include a call to action in every marketing promotion and news release

One of the most overlooked ways of contacting your prospects, journalists and the public is PR, or public relations. Check out this article about the PR PRIMER to get started.

For more information about 3D marketing, stay tuned.

Thanks so much to Gary Bohringer of Bohringer Creative for producing the series. Since its beginnings in 1993 Bohringer Creative has focused on personal service.

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