6 Ways to Market Your Site as a Customer Information Center

questions-social-media-sitesCompanies who rely on social media as a customer service information outpost will be interested in a report that says, “The number of questions asked via social media channels account for less than 1/100th of a percent of questions asked via customer-facing websites.

The report shows how much more likely people are to ask questions when they’re interacting directly at a company’s website versus communicating through a social network. To gather the data, Intelliresponse, a customer service management technology company, measured five clients’ results over a 30-day period.

That’s a small population; it would be interesting to analyze each company’s social media presence. For instance, if their customers are not active social media users, the number of questions might be higher. Still, that’s quite a gap to close. Download the report here.

Here are six ways to add customer information value to your site, starting at the very beginning of the prospect to customer cycle.

Have you ever walked into a store ready to buy, but you can’t get your questions answered? What happens? You walk out frustrated and the business loses the sale. On the web, traffic is unforgiving. That’s why it’s important to make your customer experience as clear and rewarding as possible.

  1. Place contact information, including phone and an email icon on every page.
  2. Add a contact page to your site that includes a form; monitor activity so you can respond right away.
  3. Post a list of frequently asked questions that cover common objections to the sale, comparison to competition, and answers to most asked questions after the sale.
  4. Feature top questions from social media as a monthly blog post. You can recognize your customers, with their permission, and share information with a wider audience.
  5. Consider integrating technology. I used to prefer dialing in over chatting online with a customer service rep, but the wait time is  usually much less screen to screen.
  6. Introduce your customer service reps on your site. Prospects and customers will feel more comfortable seeing a face and a name.

In the rush to get into social media, the company’s website may lose priority. Yes, it’s important, if not critical, to be where your customers can find you on LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and Google+.  Remember, though, your home site is where your company is.

When do you interact with customers on your site versus via social media?


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