8 Superhero Super Powers that Save the Day for Small Business

avengers-movie-superheroesInspired by the opening of The Avengers today, today I’m challenging you to be a Superhero. You don’t have to wear a cape, fly through the air or leap tall buildings in a single bound to be a Superhero. Just use your super powers.

How do you define a Superhero?

8 Superhero Super Powers that Save the Day

1. Extraordinary powers and abilities, relevant skills, and/or advanced equipment

Product . . . What’s so special about what you can do? Take inventory of your powers and abilities in relationship to the relevance to your client’s situation. How does your product, service, delivery, consulting give them super powers of their own?

2. A strong moral code, including a willingness to risk one’s own safety in the service of good without expectation of reward.

Values . . . While real rescue heroes put their life on the line as part of their daily work, business owners usually accept some risk in exchange for a reward. However, building your relationships on a strong values-based platform will differentiate and dignify your company – along with your clients. To attract higher-caliber clients, how can you be more upfront about your values?

3. A motivation, such as a sense of responsibility, a formal calling, a personal vendetta against criminals, a strong belief in justice and humanitarian service.

Ethics. . . Living out your values in your client relationships keeps you focused and motivated. Having a sense of responsibility or a calling complels you to report for duty everyday.

4. A flamboyant and distinctive costume, often used to conceal the secret identity

Branding . . . Are you a standout? Can your customers see you in a crowd? While it’s not necessary to conceal your secret identity [unless you really are a character], you do need to be recognized as the leader of choice in all of your communications. How you present yourself in person is important, too. Consistency is the key here; you want to look good whenever you’re in front of your public.

5. A trademark weapon

Competitive Edge . . . How do you fend off your competition and remain the uncontested, undisputed champion? First, you have to win a lot of matches on many different arenas that may include personal sales, page rank, recognition, awareness and pricing. Don’t be afraid to lose the price war, especially if what you have to offer is an exclusive opportunity to work with you. What competitive weapons do you yield?

6. An “origin story” that explains the circumstances by which the character acquired his or her abilities as well as his or her motivation for becoming a superhero.

History . . . Where did you come from and how did you get here? A company history, including each key team member’s bio adds character and credibility. Plus, no else can copy your company’s unique corporate bio fingerprint.

7. Most superheroes usually work independently. However, there are also many superhero teams

Strong independent who works collaboratively . . . Being a self-reliant independent worker is a must for small business owners, but working alone can be lonely and less productive. Building collaborative and referral relationships expands your reach and influence – and often pays off in value-added services your clients can’t get from your competitors. Who’s on your superhero team

8. Be fast!

Note: While the first seven come from a popular post first published in 2007 and based on Wikipedia’s definition at the time, this one is my addition and may be the most important. How fast can you fly? There’s no time to waste when your client needs rescuing from losing time, money or customers.


Where would you find opportunities to go above and beyond the call of duty? How would you describe your rescue operation? Who do you help, when, where, why and how?

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