Barbara Rozgonyi Is An Certified Virtual Presenter and Speaker


As more and more events shift online from a live format, a presenter’s technology becomes a major player in meeting success. Recently awarded the Certified Virtual Presenter certification by eSpeakers, Barbara Rozgonyi is a consultant, author, and speaker who began presenting virtual keynotes, webinars, and online learning courses in 2005.

Barbara Rozgonyi is now an Certified Virtual Presenter. Based in Charlotte, NC, Barbara is an international speaker, consultant, author, and trainer who crafts creative presentations designed to engage attention, inspire creativity, and nurture growth. To view Barbara’s Certified Virtual Presenter qualifications on, visit
According to, the Certified Virtual Presenter standard is supported by leading industry organizations, including Meeting Professionals International, Smart Meetings, and Senior Planners Industry Network.
Celebrating 15 Years as a Virtual Presenter

“In 2005, I started presenting teleseminars and I created a video marketing course. In 2007, I organized and presented the first-ever virtual Ultimate PR Secrets Summit with eight speakers. Over the past 15 years, I’ve crafted a variety of virtual presentations for corporations, associations, and events. Every one of my presentations is designed to easily transition from live to virtual delivery,” Barbara says. “Repurposing content for virtual deliver is key – as is a stress-tested technology experience. I’m excited to be an Certified Virtual Presenter and look forward to partnering with meeting and event planners to create captivating experiences that nurture growth and inspire action.”
Virtual Presenter Certification Process Previews Presenter Tech Capabilities

Speakers who display a Certified Virtual Presenter badge on their website and eSpeakers profile pass tests for:
– Equipment: microphones, cameras, and lighting  
– Background: free of noise and distraction
– Connection: Internet connection speed and quality
– Reconnect: Ability to recover from disconnection and return quickly to the meeting
– Engagement: Good use of visual aids, and Q&A capabilities with the audience
During the virtual presenter certification process, speakers record a video clip preview for virtual meeting planners and event organizers. Barbara invites meeting planners and event organizers to schedule a complimentary virtual event success planning session by visiting or calling 980.202.1242.


About Barbara Rozgonyi CEO and Inspirational Keynote Speaker / Author / Consultant

Barbara Rozgonyi is an avant-garde entrepreneur, author, investor, consultant, and speaker who focuses on what’s next, right now. A passionate educator and digital communications consultant, Barbara designs programs to advance careers, connect communities, and grow business. In 2006 Barbara launched, a top 50 marketing/PR blog. A motivating marketing speaker and author, Barbara is a recognized thought leader on the future of business trends and is a member of the National Speakers Association and the American Marketing Association.

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