The Social Media Potluck: What are you taking?

cupcakes Potlucks are popular in my circles – and a huge source of anxiety for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook [I did answer yes to Julia Child when she asked me that question in person, so I have to say yes].

But, sometimes there isn’t time to make what I want. Take last Sunday. Can’t you just smell how delicious a steamy Italian breakfast strada with bits of prosciutto, artichoke hearts and roasted red pepper topped with bubbly Parmesan cheese would be fresh out of the oven?  That’s the dish I planned to make, but we had a blizzard here on Saturday and I didn’t get to the store. So, I had to resort to getting take out.

A few hours before we had to go to the potluck, I surveyed my family for suggestions. The winners: Jimmy John’s subs or fried chicken. When I ran to the store to grab the fried chicken, the deli told me there was only one piece ready to go.

“How long will it take to make some more? I need to get to a potluck right away,” I explained.

“It’s in the fryer now. Let’s see . . . it will take one minute and 43 seconds,” my server answered.

So, I waited 103 seconds, ran through the checkout and then rushed home to pile the chicken into a serving container that made it look more presentable than the greasy paper bag.

Don’t you think social media is kind of like a potluck?

We all bring something to share and what we share says a lot about us. What do you like to bring?

Social Media Potluck Menu

The Main Dish – meaty and filling

Your Secret Recipe – everyone wants to know how you made it

Side Dish – accompaniment to the main course

Dips and Chips – crunchy and addictive

Appetizer – nibbles that satisfy

Platter – variety counts

Salads – light, crunchy and flavorful

Desserts – sweet and fancy

Beverages – thirst quenchers, pick me up or kick back

Paper Goods – holders and catchers

Flowers – ambience and scents

Music – sets the tone

Your Turn

What are you brining to the menu or taking to put on your plate?

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