How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business for Meeting & Event Pros


mpi-linkedin-events-eventprofsEver wished you could build your business online but didn’t think you had the tools you needed to create a presence that grabs attention and opportunities?

Yes? Then, you need to check the new LinkedIn. Here’s a quick recap from a LinkedIn workshop led by me, Barbara Rozgonyi, at the MPI Chicago Area Chapter TechCon conference. We also covered how to use LinkedIn to grow your career for meeting planners and event professionals.

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business for Meeting & Event Pros

LinkedIn supports a variety of business strategies including recruiting new employees, generating leads, qualifying prospects, researching your industry – and the competition, locating professional services, managing contacts, and extending marketing and PR communications online.

You can grow your business by integrating LinkedIn into sales, customer service, marketing or PR efforts for immediate and long-term impact throughout your company and its community.

In the workshop, attendees learned how to:

Determine which LinkedIn groups to join and how they can grow your business.
Implement CoryWest Media’s W-I-R-E-D strategy [Words, Intentions, Routes, Experiences, Design] to optimize communications.
Master publishing techniques from the pros to boost visibility and enrich relationships.
Take shortcuts to connect with influencers and followers for market research and lead generation.
Avoid the biggest challenges and pitfalls when creating your company page.

Missed it? Here are the slides. . .

What’s your biggest question about how to use LinkedIn to build your business?

About the Author: Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a strategic marketing consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands and connects communities around events, places, people and technology via social media, content marketing, and PR. Barbara is a speaker and a LinkedIn trainer who love to show people how to embrace opportunity. For more ideas and resources, visit Barbara’s top 50 marketing and PR blog, And, check out Barbara’s LinkedIn course on

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