How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Careers for Meeting & Event Pros

linkedin-careerIf you’re like most busy meeting and event professionals, there’s a good chance that you’re not using LinkedIn to its full potential.

Why miss out on every opportunity to grow your career? Here’s a quick recap from a LinkedIn workshop led by me [Barbara Rozgonyi] at MPI Chicago Area Chapter’s TechCon event.

Leveraging LinkedIn Workshop

Power Strategies to Grow Your Career: How to Go from the Sidelines to Superstar Status

More than just an online resume, your LinkedIn profile connects you to a global community with millions of people and represents the virtual marketplace of the business world. With over 260 million members, LinkedIn offers a high-performance personal branding platform that you activate, design and manage.

In the workshop, attendees learned how to take steps to go from being invisible on the sidelines to becoming a recognizable superstar by . . .

Mastering the art of a LinkedIn power profile with a personal branding plan.
Targeting the specific areas on your profile that spotlight your career marketability.
Incorporating search optimization to raise your profile’s visibility and prominence.
Integrating must-have LinkedIn apps to add dimension and connectivity.

For more ideas, check out the workshop slides.

What’s your biggest question about how to use LinkedIn to grow your career?

About the Author: Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a strategic marketing consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands and connects communities around events, places, people and technology via social media, content marketing, and PR. Barbara is a speaker and a LinkedIn trainer who love to show people how to embrace opportunity. Barbara invites you to connect with her on Linkedin.

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