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barbara-rozgonyi-202-wordcouldInfographics are hot, hot, hot. Don’t you wish you had one that was all about YOU??? Imagine: how cool would it be to send an infographic .jpg file instead of a resume.doc. To turn your LinkedIn profile into an infographic like this one, first download your LinkedIn profile as a .pdf. Then, copy and paste at WordClouds.

You can change the type, the color palette, and even the shape. When I dropped in my profile, an airplane came up. At a ––glance, you can see the most prominent keywords: Social, media, and Chicago are the three top words. That’s okay, but what if I wanted PR or speaker to be more prominent? I’d need to revise my profile to add more of the terms I want and take out mentions of the ones I want to deemphasize. You can add this image to your resume, or even your LinkedIn profile. Please note this is an updated post. The prior post focused on Visualize.me, a service that no longer exists.

How about your resume? With a plethora of templates to choose from, Canva.com turns your resume into a graphic suitable for framing, or job hunting.

Take a look at these 10 resume templates designed to help you get your dream job.

Now, let’s take a look at how to transform your LinkedIn profile and your resume.

3 Cool Ways to Use Transform Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume

  1. Start with your LinkedIn Profile .pdf

Download your LinkedIn Profile as a .pdf. This is always our first step when we’re doing a LinkedIn makeover.

Once you see your career in graphic detail, you can review the information and edit. Is your summary section too long or too short? What keywords do you need to add?

2. Map Out a Career Planner

Look at where you’ve been so you can decide where to go next. And, if you’re going in a new direction, tell the reader about your goals. For example, if you’re relocating to a new area mention your new city.

3. Drop in a Personalized Website

Yes, you can use your LinkedIn profile link as sort of a personalized website. Or, you can buy your name as a domain name and redirect it to LinkedIn or any site you like.

Your Turn

When would you use a resume infographic?

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