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Infographics are hot, hot, hot. Don't you wish you had one that was all about YOU??? Imagine: how cool would it be to send an infographic .jpg file instead of a resume.doc. instantly turns your LinkedIn profile into a chart suitable for framing, or job hunting.

This is how my skills, interests and recommendations look. The numbers in the circles represent years of experience.

So, my major job skills are: entrepreneurship, writing, public speaking, public relations and non-profits. Learn how to add skills to your LinkedIn profile.

My interests are: social networking, social media marketing, integrated marketing, internal communications, social media marketing training and LinkedIn tutorials.

Here's how to get your very own - free! -  LinkedIn profile infographic.

Enter your email here to get a invitation. Then, check your email for an invitation. It took about an hour or so to get mine. Since the email encouraged me to send the link to at least three friends, I'm posting it here so that it can reach a broader audience. You can check how many people request an invitation from your link, so go ahead and try it.

If your social networking circles are like mine, your friends will jump all over this opportunity.

After you sign in, you can customize your data and page by choosing different themes, fonts, colors and background.

Here's the top of my infographic


3 Cool Ways to Use

LinkedIn profile editor

Once you see you career in graphic detail, you can review the information and edit. Is your summary section too long or too short?

Career planner

Look at where you've been so you can decide where to go next.

Personalized Website

Add your name to and put this link on your resume. You can also add it to your profile's website section with a title like "graphic resume" or "profile infographic."

Your Turn

When would you use a resume infographic?

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