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coolblogtoolborder Given the title “Wired PR Works,” you might think this blog is about marketing, social media and public relations?

Not really, it’s mostly about RSS and search engines – at least that’s what Google says.

How does Google review you and your site? What keywords does Google suggest you use? What terms should you bid on – or use in your online marketing?

You can find out when you test Google’s revamped keyword search function that now includes volume data.

Cool Tool Profile

Challenge: Constructing a keyword list that resonates with your audience

Solution: Target successful sites and mine keywords

Tool: AdWords Keywords Search

Option One: Find out what Google thinks your site is about

To save you the time of trying to track my success code – I know you have much better things to do, I ran Wired PR Works through the keyword tool and got these results:

Showing keywords grouped by these terms:
rss feed reader (5), rss feed (15), search engine (13), internet marketing (7), email marketing (4), marketing (31), rss (10), blog (16), email (9), pr (12), advertising (4), website (5), Miscellaneous keywords (20)

What do my AdWords keyword search results tell me?

Clearly, I need to work on my keywords. Do readers come here looking for rss information? Even if they do, that’s not what I write about.

CoryWest Media, my company site fares better:

Showing keywords grouped by these terms:
online business (4), pr firm (7), small business (7), business plan (2), market (54), business (16), pr (22), blog (7), Miscellaneous keywords (13)

Next step: select keywords and drill down based on search volume and competition, then develop a list of keywords to use in online marketing efforts.

Option Two: Let Google suggest keywords for in this case, iPhone


Here, you can see how the new reporting format works. You get real numbers. What surprised me is that the only keyword that came back was: iphone. [Ten minutes later, a follow up search turned up multiple suggestions, but I like the pristine simplicity of one singular result so I kept the screen shot.] To see how the term comes up on Google and to find out who’s bidding on it, enter the keyword in Google’s search box. Here’s what you get:



With over 233 million search results, would you expect more than three ads?

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Your Turn

What do you think will be most helpful about this cool tool for you?

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