Drop-Kick Humility – Be Who You Are PR

His name is Joe. He is a screenwriter. He goes to parties in Malibu. He flies to London. He will be famous. He wears it well.

He is not proud. He is not humble. He is who he is.

Last night at a techy-type social/networking event, I wondered who these people really were.

What if you could be anyone you wanted to be? 

I thought about “social camouflage” – a term I picked up from watching the movie “Catch Me If You Can.” Directed by Steven Spielberg, this is a true story about a high school student who successfully poses as an airline pilot, a doctor and a lawyer. Set in the 60s, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to pull off what Frank Abagnale did back then today. The movie’s tagline: The True Story of a Real Fake.

How did Frank get to be so convincing? He dressed the part, studied, interviewed experts, associated with people in the professions he wanted to be in and watched TV shows about being a doctor.

While I’m not suggesting posing an imposter, I wonder how many of us lay a real claim to who we are – or who we could be. Many times, our clients will ask to dial down their presence. Although what we say about them is authentic, their real  persona is too big for them. “Oh, we can’t say that. What will people think?”

What if we drop-kicked our humility and just accepted that we are who we are? Can you see yourself in any of these?

Social Branding Vignettes . . . 

We exchanged cards. Hers said: A Top Chicago Writer

I said: Wow! How did you get to be a top Chicago writer?

She said: I know I am. What do you do?

I said: I write, too.

She said: Then, you’re probably a top Chicago writer, too.

I said: Well, maybe . . . once I interviewed with the Chicago Tribune for a contract position and they said they were only interviewing the top writers in Chicago. And I’ve won a few contests.

She said: Put that on your card – a top Chicago writer. Because your are!


We exchanged cards.

She said: So, you’re a blogger?

I said: Yes, I write about social media, marketing and PR. I have over 400 articles and my blog is in the top 100,000 out of 12 million blogs.

She said: You’re a super blogger! There’s a guy here looking for someone to help him with his blog – let me find him for you.

The phone rang . . .

He said: Is this the super blogger?

I said: Well, not really, uh . . . let me clarify that for you.

He said: Come on, you know you’re good. I want you to help me get my blog started.


A comment appeared in the comment box

It read: You are the queen of networking!

I said: Hmmm . . .

A friend called

She said: You are the queen of networking!

I said: Hmmm . . .


Your Turn

Who are you that you are not now? How could you be more like Joe?


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