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Twitter transcripts for this session follow. As always, the updates are as exactly as posted with no changes – and they are in reverse order. So, start at the bottom and read from the top. This is one in series of articles. Browse my Chicago Search Engine Strategies 2008 category for the complete collection. Visit Search Engine Strategies’ blog for total conference coverage. Here’s the session description from the program guide . . .

Advanced Link Building from the Chicago Search Engine Strategies 2008 Program Guide 
How far is too far in optimizing your internal link structure? If you operate a network of sites, can natural interlinking be perceived as link spam? How should you handle affiliate links? Advanced linking issues like these and more will be explored during this session. This session is designed for experienced marketers. Beginners should only attend if they’ve gone through the Link Building Basics session earlier in the day.

  • Moderator:
    PJ Fusco, Natural Search Director, Netconcepts
  • Speakers:
    Michael Gray, President, Atlas Web Service
    Wil Reynolds, Founder, SEER Interactive
    Chris Boggs, Manager, SEO, Brulant, Inc., recently acquired by Rosetta

Advanced Link Building Twitter Transcript by Barbara Rozgonyi for Wired PR Works

wiredprworks: .edu links-every university has student pages, every student has access, get an intern, might put a link to your co/client #ses

wiredprworks: .edu links actually become conversions, especially with discounts for profs #ses

wiredprworks: aim for regional .gov, typically involved with you giving something back #ses, show up a meeting, take notes and post to blog for links

wiredprworks: .edu lists contests-client in an industry get them in there as a sponsor, had a lot of success, build curriculum to class @davesnyder #ses

wiredprworks: to get .edu links, go to local college department, offer to speak or sponsor, then give them your link for their site #ses

wiredprworks: dmoz still what uses as a Google defacto directory, submit it once and let it go, content builds links #ses 
wiredprworks: directories: does it rank for its own term, search industry+directory to find them, submit to better ones first #ses

wiredprworks: paid links: check referrer’s logs to see if they’re sending traffic #ses

wiredprworks: affiliate links should come straight through, even better without an affiliate id could create a duplicate content problem for yourself #ses

wiredprworks: try to stay within your PR [page rank] neighborhood, understand your industry #ses

wiredprworks: bookmarking your own stuff on delicious can turn you into a commercial account #ses

wiredprworks: watch out for hacking and encrypted text with links in sidebars or footers – visible or invisible #ses

wiredprworks: link injection- not good, some plugins carry a hidden trojan that inserts links into blogroll, check your blogroll #ses

wiredprworks: black hat-questionable strategies to link building by @graywolf #ses

wiredprworks: @wilreynolds squeezes in more delicious tips: find “librarians” in towns, subscribe to tags, use MechanicalTurk to rank sites #ses

wiredprworks: tag sites in delicious to profile sites and then order sites in terms of most link value based on Alexa, Technorati, etc. #ses

wiredprworks: ways to get links: write a testimonial, sponsor a large charity, search for ways to give in-kind donations #ses

wiredprworks: seo company doing PR outreach for links [now, there’s a new concept!] #ses 

wiredprworks: ask tons of questions to find out what people are talking about to find pockets and opps for links #ses

wiredprworks: @ltrosien ‘s twitter grader profile up on screen, helped speaker plan trips to Chicago, use twitter grader to find out more #ses

wiredprworks: twitter bi-weekly contest for free AC unit, created by @adamm based on twitter search, works for anything that fixes people’s problems #ses

wiredprworks: next speaker, Wil Reynolds from SEER, link buying should be evaluated based on ability to assess risk, #ses

wiredprworks: @boggles – thanks for the remediation linking tips 🙂 #ses

wiredprworks: Google webmaster tools go to links, to pages with external links, look at 404 pages and try to reclaim links #ses

wiredprworks: to get inbound links to your site, look for external links to entire site #ses

wiredprworks: Advanced Link-building #ses remediation tactics for inbound links: free yahoo site explorer, Google Webmaster, WeBuildPages

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