The Complete Works of Social Media Marketing, PR and SEO – Abridged

On Friday, the first day of spring!, I’ll be presenting this 20 minute social media mashup to the National Speakers Association’s Illinois Chapter. My inspiration comes from a play our family saw called “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged.” On our family trip out west a few years back our daughter – who was into Shakespeare and theater at the time, insisted that we see this play on the last night of our trip.

We had many reasons to say no: it was the last night of our two-week family vacation, it didn’t start until 8, we hadn’t packed yet, we had to check out at 5:00 a.m., not everyone could go [way past our youngest son’s bedtime], it was too long, we wouldn’t get back to the hotel until 11– and wow, the clock did say it was 5 – only three hours until the curtain went up and 12 hours until we had to drive to the airport.

Weighing the pros and cons, I said yes, we will get dinner, pack, go see the entire play and be ready to leave at 5:00 tomorrow morning – who’s with me?

Three of us: the 14 year old, the 12 year old and I went to the play. When the kids wanted to sit in the front row, I objected saying I didn’t want to be too conspicuous. But, we sat there anyway. At intermission, my son said, “What does conspicuous mean?” Being referred to continually by the players, because we were in the front row, was – ahem, super conspicuous, but it was also okay. Somehow a mom and two kids got worked into the dialogue – they loved it.

In preparing this talk, the night at the theater in Jackson Hole came to mind as good parallel for how I would present social media in 20 minutes. Granted I will be the only one presenting this abbreviated performance. But, I’m hoping that the audience will remember it and be moved to jump into social media by starting with one platform, building a character profile and then interacting with their community. That is, of course, after they weigh the pros and cons and make the decision to take a seat in the front row. To outline the process and keep me on track, I prepared this guide. At the end of the presentation, I’ll invite them to experience the longer condensed version at an upcoming workshop. Who’s with me?

Wired Branding: Fusing Social Media Marketing, PR and SEO

Energize Your Business and Connect with Your Community

Social Media Toolbox

  • Personality
  • Community
  • Value
  • SEO

Social Media Hazards

· Privacy
  • T___ M_______
  • I__________
  • Strategy
  • E__________

Social Media Rules

  • Be Nice
  • Don’t _______
  • Don’t Sell
  • Be ___________

Best Social Media Sites for Professional Speakers

LinkedIn – professional

  • G______
  • Q______ and Answers

Facebook – fun with a twist

  • F_____
  • Social
  • C_______

Twitter – groove and grow

  • Follow
  • F_________
  • S_________

Flickr – snap and click

  • I_____
  • Video
  • G______ – PowerPoint on steroids

  • Slides
  • A_______
  • S_______

Video – quick or pro

  • V_______
  • Y_______
  • U_______

Blogs – community conversations

  • C_______
  • C_______


  • Speaker____________
  • Forums
  • Social Media Club Chicago on Facebook
  • Membership sites


PR Articles for Speakers

LinkedIn Marketing and PR Strategies

Energize Your Business with Wired Branding: Fusing SEO, PR, Social Media & Marketing Workshop

Hands-on and fear-free, this all-day workshop condenses the essentials, equips you to update or create a profile, clarifies your speaking business strategies, illustrates success stories and shows you how to start building a responsive community right away. For more information, call 630.207.7530.

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