Sunday Stroll into Autumn and Fourth Quarter Marketing

Summer leaves. Autumn arrives.
On summer’s last day in Chicago last week, the temperature almost touched 90 degrees. It was not cooler by the lake. As I rushed around the Water Tower area on my way to a conference at the Museum of Contemporary Art, I thought it’s way too hot for fall, but that’s okay because, hey, it’s still summer.

I first experienced fall’s preview in France a few weeks ago. When I took this image of a walk near The Grand Trianon at the Palace of Versailles, I felt a mix of emotions.

One was a call to appreciate and make the most of what’s left of 2010. How about you?

As we enter 2010’s fourth quarter, what’s on your what’s left of 2010 to-do list?

Football fans know about fourth quarter comebacks. Where are you in your game?

How to Make a Fourth Quarter Marketing Comeback

1. What kind of points do you want to make? PR placements, social network advances,

2. Who needs to be on your team to make the fourth quarter marketing plays?

3. When will you make PR, social marketing and communication plays?

4. Where will your fans be and how will you get them in the game?

5. How will you measure your success?

6. Who do you need to recruit to be ball carriers in 2011?

Image: c2010 Barbara Rozgonyi for, Versailles collection

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