Sales Calling 10 B2B Twitter Marketing Tips

How easy do you make it for sales calls to come into your business – from social profiles? Adding your phone number to your twitter profile is one of 10 tips on how to market from business to business [B2B] on twitter.

Thanks to Elan Mosbacher, Marketing Team Leader at ifbyphone, for submitting today’s company guest post about how he uses twitter for B2B marketing. Ifbyphone is a business-to-business software company focused on technology that manages, measures, and automates customer interactions over the phone.

Ten B2B Twitter Marketing Tips from Elan Mosbacher, Marketing Team Leader at ifbyphone

80 Million Google search results for “Social Media Marketing Tips” but less than 1% of that number for “B2B Social Media Marketing Tips”?!?! It’s no wonder that business-to-business marketers are struggling to use Twitter successfully.

1. Consider who is managing your customers’ Twitter accounts
Twitter is ideal for interacting with business owners, software developers, and marketers, but is Twitter the right platform if your business sells software to the accounting department?

Keep in mind that the person managing the Twitter account may not always be your target customer within that business, as opposed to the B2C space where the consumer usually manages his or her own account. Focus your efforts not only on interacting with the right businesses, but the right people within those businesses.

2. List-building: Segment prospects, customers, industry thought leaders & competitors
Follow prospects, customers, industry leaders, and competitors. Segment these groups into unique lists. Provide resources to prospects, share customer success stories, build relationships with industry leaders, and monitor announcements in the marketplace. Finally, balance the needs of each audience.

3. Track social media conversations within your CRM
If you talk to a business on Twitter, make sure your sales team is aware of the conversation when they speak with that business.

4. Link to resources, not sales pitches
Create online content like blog posts, case studies, white papers, or “How To” guides so you can link to your own valuable content, not just to the content of other companies or media outlets.

5. Share your customers’ success stories
Help your business customers promote their success stories when you feel that those stories are relevant to your own customers by retweeting. If it isn’t relevant to your followers, minimally reply with a nice note, comment, or question.

6. Use Twitter search
Create custom searches on Twitter for words that relate to what you sell, conferences you attend, and your company name. Run out of room? You can search multiple terms in each query with OR statements. For example, “Call Tracking” OR “Response Rates” OR “Conversion Rates” will show you results for all three terms.

7. Focus on customer service & creating raving fans
Unlike B2C where semi-anonymous consumers can complain about bad customer service, a business is less likely to bash another business on Twitter. Nevertheless, be sure to provide outstanding customer service. This strategy will not only help you build your social media presence, it will help you build your business.

8. It’s only 140 characters, but a Tweet should still add value
Ask yourself if anyone outside of your company would actually care about this Tweet. Link to valuable resources, entertaining pieces, and your customer’s success stories. Not everything needs to be about the products or services you are selling.

9. Leverage your tribe of followers
Have something worth promoting? Inform industry experts, friends, and customers you’ve built a relationship with that you’ll be making a big announcement. Maybe it’s a new video, a blog post, or otherwise. Ask them to retweet your announcement. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as long as you’re ready to return the favor.

10. Don’t forget about the phone
Finally, use social media to listen, share information, and begin a conversation, and don’t be afraid to take that conversation offline by including a business phone number in your profile.

As an example, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh recently wrote:

“We believe the telephone is one of the best branding devices out there. We have the customer’s undivided attention for 5-10 minutes—compare that with a 30-second Super Bowl ad when the viewers are probably not paying full attention. If we get the interaction right, what we’ve found is that customers remember that for a very long time and tell their friends and family about us.”

In the world of B2B the phone is perhaps an even more important tool than it is in B2C as the sales transactions occurring are typically more complex and require more personal touch. Converting a 140-character Tweet into a phone conversation can go a long way towards solidifying a business-to-business relationship.

Image credit: in exchange for credit, which we are happy to give. Special thanks to Amy Hesser of Hesser Communications for introducing me to ifbyphone and their services.

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