BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009 | 2 Shows Now 1 Mega Event October 15-17

blogworldnewmediaexpo BlogWorld and New Media Expo is merging with New Media Expo to become one super huge colossal event next fall in Las Vegas. Will I be there? Yes and you should, too. So, mark your calendar now for October 15-17, 2009.

Blogging and New Media Converge in One Event

Congratulations goes out to BlogWorld New Media Expo founder Rick Calvert and his partners Libby Durfee and Dave Cynkin along with Tim Bourquin, founder of New Media Expo. Although I’ve never been to New Media Expo, I’ve heard good things about it. I have been to BlogWorld – twice, once as Rick’s guest. As the winner of a LinkedIn contest with a post on how to become a subject matter expert, my prize was free registration and hotel for the first BlogWorld ever.

Telling my friends and family I was going to Las Vegas for a blogging conference was amusing. “Can’t you all just talk to each other in your comment boxes?” one friend asked. Well, yes we can and we do, but meeting each other in person is so much better. But, if you’ve ever been to a blogging conference [or even a local social media tweet up or event] you already know that don’t you?

Reserve Space and Budget Now

It seems a bit early to promote something that’s so far away, doesn’t it? But, 2009 calendars fill fast and budgets get appropriated quickly. So save so time and money for yourself and allocate it to BlogWorld. This is a well-priced, well-run conference that will entertain you, inspire you and motivate you to optimize your organization all-around.

Wondering what you might be missing if you stay home? Read my BlogWorld coverage and BlogWorld 200-BWE08 session transcripts.

See you in Vegas?

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