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Update 11/14/07

Thanks to Liz Strauss for digging up the key/link to her writing tools treasure chest

Stepping in – literally – at the last minute thanks to the suggestion of Wendy Piersall, Liz Strauss gracefully greeted her confused attendees by starting out with, “I’m not Brian Clark.”

Scheduled to lead the session, Brian wasn’t there. But Liz was. In place of a more formal presentation, Liz treated the audience to a behind-the-scenes Succesful Blog tour.

I like this presentation style. It’s much more useful for those who want to reference the content again when they get home. Watching Liz interpret her Successful Online Blog content was like sitting beside an artist while they guide you through their work.

Answering questions and interacting with the audience throughout, Liz presided over one of BlogWorld‘s richest community discussions.

How does she write such eloquent posts? Liz says she walks around rehearsing what she’ll write. And, she’s always, always, always mindful of the reader on the other side of the screen. It’s no wonder she’s at 51,000 comments and counting. Here’s one of my favorite Liz posts.

What’s your favorite Liz Strauss post?

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