Bloggers and Brands, a Review Video

Nine bloggers, a Saturday morning, State Street, camaraderie and cameras met up to make a video. Getting bloggers together to interact with the brand, the product and each other – via a group product review – is a winning strategy.

Here’s the video that shares the Sears Electronics Megapixel Meetup experience Enjoy!

Did it really matter what camera we were testing? None of us – I think – had ever participated in a group review like this one. Here’s a post with more background: group pr = product review of the Samsung ST600.

Full disclosure: Sears Electronics and Samsung gave each of the test photographers a camera to keep.

Thanks again to Daniel Honigman, Sears Electronics, Samsung and my fellow camera-artists for a fun rainy day: Araceli Arroyo, Theresa Carter, Michael Courier, Tammy Green, Maura Hernandez, Andrew Huff, Leah Jones and Nicole Yeary.

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Your Turn

Bloggers – how do you interact with brands?
Brands – how do you engage bloggers?

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