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Thanks again to Scott Allen for hosting the LinkedIntelligence Contest – and for awarding me the free registration and hotel at BlogWorld. Rick Calvert, BlogWorld Expo’s creator, donated the prize.

Here’s a quick recap of Scott’s talk.

Small business blogs are intended to support another business; moneytizing your blog tends to be counter productive. Google Ads is not even close to worth it. You want to focus your blog on your business and supporting your business.

The author of “The Virtual Handshake,” Scott covered three topics:

What are the potential benefits of blogging for a small business?

Customer engagement, personal branding, industry networking, natural search ranking, cuts web production costs and develops a warm market

Do’s and don’t’s

In this section, Scott covered what works and what doesn’t. The number one mistake, okay-I’m guilty, is not spending 50% of your time off-blog. Scott suggests commenting on other blogs and searching around for new connections. When you think about it, it’s easier to research and comment than it is to create new articles. And, you don’t have to do it all yourself. A ghost writer can come up with a rough draft for your final approval. Every post must be approved and edited before being published. Scott suggests posting 3-4 times a week.

Live look at some of the better small business blogs

Stonyfield Farm – used to have 4, narrowed down to 2: The Bovine Bugle, supplier and Baby Babble for parents

Schwimmer Legal

Aldo Coffee


Family Medicine Notes – picked by Forbes as one of the best small business blogs

What did you take away from this session’s notes?

Browse Wired PR Work’s BlogWorld Expo 2007 collection.

One in a series of lightly edited transcripts or comments by Barbara Rozgonyi.

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