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Today I’m testing out a new way to communicate for speakers: a question and answer page that conveys who you are while answering the basic FAQs to save the meeting planner time. Let me know what you think . . . . and feel free to adapt this format to fit your speaker profile page for meeting planners.

Hi there! My name is Barbara Rozgonyi [roz-go-knee]. Yes, that is Hungarian. If you’re on this page, I gave you the link, someone else passed it on or you landed here because a search engine told you I must be who you’re looking or. So, thanks for stopping by and checking out Barbara Rozgonyi’s speaker Q&A page.

By the way, that’s me speaking at the Apple store on Michigan Avenue. My only slide was my image and bio. This was sort of a screen side chat for women business owners.

I know what you’re thinking: this page looks a little different than a professional, razzle dazzle motivational speaker’s site. That’s because it really is a page on my blog, called Wired PR Works. You see, I’m so passionate about helping people and businesses achieve their highest communication potential that I started writing down what I thought people needed to know in June 2006. Over 550 entries and a few years later, my vision of sharing my knowledge with the masses has become my personal brand, Wired PR Works.

Let me ask you a question: What’s your vision – for your group? What do you want them to take out of the room after the presentation?

You have a vision for your group. I want to help you make that vision a reality.

Whether it’s being found faster and better on the Web, getting more media attention, figuring out which social media tools will work or even how to write better online, I’ve got years of client and personal experience that I can share with your group.

But, I don’t know it all. That’s why every program I present is first customized for the audience and then remixed in delivery with an exceedingly generous amount of time for questions and answers. You’ll find, as I have, that community dialogue enriches every presentation. Because every single person in the room has a story to tell, it’s important that we know that going in.

You may be looking at other speakers for your event, so to save you some time and help you decide if we’re right for each other, here’s a . . . 

Professional Speaker FAQs for Meeting Planners – What You Get When You Engage Barbara Rozgonyi

Question: Barbara, what’s your fee?

Answer: In truth, this is never the first question asked, but let’s get the answer out in the open: it depends on your group. Each month, I give at least one free community speech like “Life-giving Storytelling: The C-P-R Method” that’s popular with civic groups. And, every presentation has its own set of parameters. For my current fee schedule, email or call me at 630.207.7530.

Question: Can you do last-minute presentations?

Answer: Absolutely, as long as my schedule permits.

Question: What’s your specialty?

Answer: In a nutshell, motivating business communications with specific areas of interest like:

LinkedIn 101: Building Online Connections

The Social Media Sampler: Taste What’s New in Marketing

Virtual PR: Own Up to Your Brand

Writing Writing: Adapting Old School to New School Media

Wired PR Works: Getting New Media to Work for You

Question: What kind of a speaker are you – really?

Answer: In a recent survey, my clients see me as a harmonizer and I see myself as an entertainer/storyteller. I like to get groups going.

Question: How do you motivate groups?

Answer: Make people accountable to each other and give them check in dates.

Question: Do you do any promotion on your end or is it up to the group to do it all themselves?

Answer: Every speech is promoted to the Wired PR Works-CoryWest Media network via our community communications, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We may issue a news release and there is almost always at least one article written about the event that’s posted on Wired PR Works so attendees can comment and get a link back to their site.

Question: What qualifies you as the best speaker for our group?

Answer: Experience, real life experience, and a true passion for evangelizing about how communications can change your life. When I left the corporate world, I exited as a national sales trainer. Knowing how much people can improve their performance with motivational guidance, I developed courses like the Success Summit Series that teaches branding, public relations and marketing with an online entrepreneurial accent. In the classroom, I created a 300 level marketing execution class for nonprofits and I taught over 40 art appreciation lessons for K-5 elementary school students. Every presentation is interactive. People say I’m funny, but you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Question: What do you do in real life?

Answer: As the founder of CoryWest Media, I manage creative accounts along with client and media relations. I write. I think. I make things up. As an advisory board member of the global Social Media Club’s Chicago chapter’s 500-member community, I’m responsible for Facebook community relations and programs. Three creative teenagers and a purring tabby call me mom. I’m married to a 74 time marathon runner who likes to take me hiking to high places. Recently, I completed a two-year term as my church’s administrative council chair. I love art, photography, entertaining [although I don’t do it nearly enough], gardening and reading.

Question: Do you have any presentations up on the Internet?

Answer: Yes, you can view them on SlideShare. Keep in mind that these are generic backdrops to show you how I think, not necessarily how I present.

Question: Do you have any awards or recognitions?

Answer: Yes, you’ll find a list of my achievements on the about Barbara Rozgonyi page.

Question: Where else can I find you on the Web?

Twitter – @wiredprworks





Passing the screen to you . . . any more questions or comments?

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