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onbloglogo It’s no secret that I am on the Academy Awards’ media email list – to my friends and family. Two years ago, while watching the Oscars with my laptop, I decided to see how and if I could ever be on the red carpet.

Remembering how press passes got me into other events, I tried that route. Within minutes, acceptance speech and backstage interview transcripts began popping up in my email box.

And since then, the Academy’s kept me informed about every Oscar-related media event opp. I came thisclose to being there last night. What stopped me? Two things: a line on a form and the Academy’s approval.

I got all the way through filling out my request for red carpet press credentials and got stopped by one question: media outlet. Is Wired PR Works a media outlet? I left the question open and never submitted the form.

You see, to get press credentials you need to represent a media outlet, like a newspaper, TV station or magazine. Is my blog a media outlet to them?

To get into Academy events – like red carpet coverage, I would have to have official press credentials.

But, I/you don’t need press credentials to write about what’s happening as it happens – about anything, anywhere.

I like this live blogging around a show or event concept. Something struck me intuitively as I took my place on the couch in front of the TV with my laptop last night, ready to type and post.

But, the teens on either side of me slammed the top shut and asked me to just watch and not blog. So that’s what I did. I did sneak a peek at the Academy’s official blog from time to time. Not many comments here and no images.

Checking other live Oscar blogs like MTV, Deadline Hollywood Daily and Entertainment Weekly, there’s a range of coverage from a page with snippet updates to more in-depth stories.

One of my friends goes to an Oscar party every year – all women, all they do is talk about Oscar Night fashion. What if you hosted a virtual party online? Or checked in with a group like this for comments and then posted the video? Better yet, invite people to upload their own videos to your blog or YouTube channel.

Update 02.26.08

Inside the Marketer’s Studio by David Berkowitz’s Oscar coverage combines live blogging, online media and search – like this mix.

Think About It . . .
What event would like to cover?

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