PR Friendly Index for February 2008 | WPRW at 61


One way to make a name for yourself is to rank your peers.

friendlyprindex0208Kudos to Brendan Cooper for his evolution of the PR Friendly Index. This month, Wired PR Works comes in at 61/100. To see how the top 100 PR sites stack up in terms of Brendan's new scoring system, check out the PR Friendly Index for February 2008.

What I like about the way Brendan presents the index . . .

- every month he improves his methodology

- he teaches his readers how to measure results

- competition inspires better content

- the index is a resource I frequently use when answering questions on LinkedIn, on Yahoo Groups and in forums

- makes it easy to see who's who and study who's doing what right

- the new key guide takes you inside the thinking


Tell us . . .

What marketing/PR blogs do you like to read? Why?


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