Freshly Hatched: 13 CPCs-Community Publishing Centers [aka blogs]

The last time I tried this, no one showed up.

After sending out hundred of postcards and press releases about a “how to blog workshop” in March, the date came and went and nobody came. Thanks to Kathy Doyle and The Academy for Non-Profit Excellence, I got assigned to create and teach the “Reboot Your Marketing: A DIY Blog Workshop.”

Knowing that 13 people wanted to learn more about blogging encouraged me to teach the course I planned to deliver, but hadn’t yet.

Taking my presentation assistant with me [AKA a college student home for the summer], I walked in twenty minutes early to find a group of students ready to learn. As they arrived one by one, I got to know them and they got to know me.

There is a reason I study, practice, test and report: I love to teach other people how to be better communicators. And, teaching them teaches me what people really need to know. I also find out what I don’t know, which is, uh, a lot.

Lessons My Students Taught Me

1. the term “blog” has no universal, clear definition – so make up your own and drop the “blog” What’s yours?

2. adapting to new technology is paced by the user: some race, some stroll – it’s all good

3. presenting a creative work plan for a new communication channel will work better than saying, “Hey, I want to be a blogger!” to your board or management group

4. blogs look better than sites

5. updating a website is a project they’re all working on, many constantly

6. finding cool sites to visit before class is a very, very good thing

7. you really can launch a blog in 5 minutes or less

8. there is a glow of accomplishment when the whole room celebrates hatching together

9. everyone has more stories to tell than they think they do

10. non-profits can sell ad space on their blogs

11. the people in the room are the change agents ready to take on the world

12. offering a link in return for a review works: they get publicity and another place to be found online and their enthusiasm encourages others

And what they learned in class . . .

“Absolutely a great course! Moving the computer illiterate into the world of blogging seamlessly. Loved all the online resources!” Karyn Fortin, Special Olympics Illinois, Splash 08

“Quick overview of blogging and benefits.” Lori Peterson, Director of Marketing, Quidlibet

“This is now and this is a step by step on how to move forward.” Barb Koslow, Koslow Cycle [my bike shop!] and Wheelworld

“Lost? Blah-blah? Blogs? Catch the wave!” Albert Waszok, Camerata Chicago, Standing Musicians

“Absolutely invaluable, inspiring and demystifying, too!”

“Excellent step by step instruction on how to launch a blog.”

“Great start to a new world of technology that actually helps a non-profit move to the 21st century.”

For me, one of the keys to a successful presentation is asking what people want to know more about. What do you need to know about blogging, marketing or ?

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