Enthusiasm PR | Harnessing the Power of Passion

When I first met Mark, he scared the trust out of me. He was too tall, too good looking, too positive, too polished, too loud and too unreal.

How could a guy beam so bright all the time? What kind of show did he think he was on?

Because I couldn’t figure him out, I decided to avoid him.

Hard as I tried, I couldn’t. We kept bumping into each other, exchanging pleasantries. In his case positive, in my case guarded.

And then . . . I got to know the guy. My verdict?

He’s not a fake, he’s bona fide. [thanks to O Brother Where Art Thou for the inspiration]

Recently I ran into Mark after not seeing him for a few months. He’s doing – you guessed it – super great [not his words, mine; super added for emphasis]. But, he didn’t need to tell me that. If you know Mark, you know why he and everyone around him is doing great. Two words: passion and enthusiasm. He loves life and chances are hey-he loves you too.

You gotta know him to love him. You gotta love what you do so you can share it. Who do you know that’s like Mark? How do you share what you love?

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