Blog Redesign Before/After in 24 minutes | Post 650

Approximately 100 posts ago, I wrote about how I wanted to redesign and rebrand this blog.
Before: All that’s left of my former blog is this screenshot I grabbed from Technorati.
Qualities Before: Messy, unorganized, text-heavy, out dated and totally not reader [or author] friendly.
After: What do you think?
Qualities After: What do you think?

Blog Rebranding Advice: A Before and After Podcast on Post 650

The first post that talks about Wired PR Works’ rebranding. Literally.

Jason Pelker of item-9 Consulting is who I thank for rebranding the blog and for saying yes to my request to be interviewed for a podcast about how he . . .

Untangled 600+ posts from 132 categories and reorganized them into a neat number: 10
Upgraded WordPress from 2.1 [not a typo] to the latest version
Designed the Wired PR Works logo
Combined two themes into one design
Plugged in some cool tools like Widget Logic
Shocked me into taking action [okay, not quite, but Jason actually seemed like he could tackle 20 Blog Redesign Priorities
Kept the project moving at a steady pace

Organized, creative, technically-adept and easy-to-work with, Jason is a WordPress design consultant worth checking out. While I’m enjoying getting rave reviews about the new design, especially from friends who love the way Wired PR Works looks on their iPhone, I’m really happy to have a place that feels like home for me – and my readers.

Except for the “this call is being recorded” at the beginning of the podcast and my rambling about this blog’s history at the beginning, you’ll get Jason’sbehind the scenes look at how Wired PR Works was deconstructed, redesigned, refueled and then rebranded.

So, what do YOU think of the new design?

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