Branding You and Your Business: 25 Ways to Name a Success Story

We’ve all worn a “Hello My Name Is” nametag. So, what do your write in when it’s time to name something new – say a business or a blog or book or a product?

Step number one in our social media success workshop is choosing a name. What could be easier, right? After all, you know your name and you know who you work for. But, if you’re like most people, you have more than one name.

And, if you’re like me, you have about six of them. There’s my married name, my maiden name, the combination of the two, Barb, Barbara and Barbara J. Well, that’s really more than six, now isn’t it? That’s why I use “Barbara Rozgonyi” almost everywhere online.

My business names? Well, I can count one formal LLC, a blog title and 62 domains names – all possible business, book or blog titles.

Renaming my publishing center [aka this blog] is one reason I’ve yet to update it the way I want to. “From a usability standpoint, it’s not a good name. Wired PR Works is too long. You need to be short and to the point.” branding advice from a blog usability expert. Do you agree with that?

Picking a name for a business, product or a book is an excuse that keeps you from writing or creating it. “Leave a blank space or a title here holder and write it first, then go back and name it,” a copywriting expert advised. To help you get started, here are 25 ways to name your creation and give it the title it needs to get out there.

25 Ways to Name, Brand and Build You and Your Business

1. Make a list of words that relate to what you want to do

2. Emotion – what do you want to evoke?

3. Memorable – catchy, quirky or easy?

4. Search to see if it’s taken. Search the U.S. trademark system. 

5. Easy to spell [that’s why I don’t use Rozgonyi on twitter, but then again some people can’t remember @wiredprworks either]

6. Search friendly – include a keyword, if you can

7. Ties in with the tagline

8. Short – While watching the Preakness this weekend – go Rachel Alexandra! – I heard the announcer say thoroughbred horses can only have 18 characters in their names. What if yours was that short?

9. ABC – earlier in the alphabet gets higher placement

10. Meaningful – my company name, CoryWest, is a combination of my mother and grandmother’s maiden names, but it’s also the name of some real people, which can create confusion when you’re searching

11. Original – make up a word

12. First, middle, last – people have three names – do you need more than one?

13. Translate – what does your name mean in another language?

14. Call to action – what do you want people to do?

15. Multiples – store the names you like as URLs for later

16. Story – create a story about why you chose the name you did

17. Place – link to a location, historical, real or fictitious

18. Future – what do really want to be – if not someday, why not now?

19. Synonyms – tangential references might actually get you closer

20. Type – how does the name look in big letters?

21. Results – what does your business give people?

22. Principals – is the owner the business – keep in mind it’s easier to sell a business that’s not named after someone

23. Posterity – future generations

24. Cause-related

25. your suggestion here

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