Marketing to Women| Report: Snacking on Inspiration and Information

IMG_0883 What are women snacking on these days? Hint: it’s not chocolate, strawberries or cupcakes. According to MediaPost’s Online Video Insider, more women are snacking on inspiration in the form of online videos.

Although 77% of viewers watched 34% more video than they did last year, the comScore report’s biggest ah-hahs come from women.

Women spend an average 227 minutes, up 46%, watching 79 videos, up 33%.  Women watch videos with an average length of 2.9 minutes versus 3.4 minutes for men.

Other findings. . . .

 they crave content that transports them mentally away from their daily routine and reality. They also look for “information & inspiration” from relatable “sisters & situations.” Video content that gives women real information, but that also allows for aspirational narratives, is particularly compelling.

My take . . .

Wow! That’s a lot of time watching online videos. I can see women watching videos with the family. [In my case, mostly movie trailers and skateboarding videos.] What do women watch and where do they go for “information & inspiration?” Who do they see when they get there? I think I have at least one answer to that, but before I reveal it, what’s yours?

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