Monthly and Weekly Special Events Lists

One way to get media attention is to tie your news into special days, weeks or months. Sure, you can make up your own -that’s a good strategy. But, why not build on a celebration that’s already going to be going on? For example . . .

What’s so special about today?

May 11,2010

Eat What You Want Day

1858, Minnesota becomes state 32
1862 Confederate navy destroys their ironclad Merrimac to prevent Union capture
1910 Glacier National Park in Montana

Birthdays include Irving Berlin, Salvador Dali and Martha Graham.

What’s coming up in June?

Monthly and Weekly Special Events

Accordion Awareness Month, Natl
Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month
Aphasia Awareness Month, Natl
Bathroom Reading Month, Natl
Cancer from the Sun Month
Candy Month, Natl
Child Vision Awareness Month
Childhood Cancer Campaign Month, Intl
Children’s Awareness Month
Dairy Alternatives Month
Effective Communications Month
Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month
Fireworks Safety Months
Gay and Lesbian Pride Month
GLBT Book Month, Natl
Great Outdoors Month
June Dairy Month
June Is Perennial Gardening Month
Men’s Month, Intl
Pharmacists Declare War on Alcoholism
Potty Training Awareness Month
Professional Wellness Month
Rebuild Your Life Month
Rivers Month, Natl
Rose Month, Natl
Safety Month, Natl
Skyscraper Month
Soul Food Month, Natl
Sports America Kids Month
Steakhouse Month, Natl
Student Safety Month
Surf Music Month, Intl
Vision Research Month

Source for all: Chase’s Calendar of Events

Monthly and Weekly 2010 Special Events
About Chase’s Calendar of Events. . . from the site
Chase’s Calendar of Events today is the most comprehensive and authoritative reference available on special events, holidays, federal and state observances, historic anniversaries and more. Each spring, thousands of new entries are submitted to join the more than 12,000 items that make up each year’s book. Each event listing (where applicable) contains contact and mailing information. There is no charge to be listed in Chase’s. Each new edition appears in late September preceding the year in question.

Submit a date for 2012 edition starting in October 2010.

Thanks to Felicia Slattery, who’s planning an online event for Effective Communications Month, for bringing up this reference on our mastermind call this morning.


Monthly Calendar of Events and Monthly Special Days to Celebrate Calendars from the Family Crafts Section at

2010 Calendar of Events, Observations and Special Days
Up-to-date, accurate, validated + fun, serious and traditional holidays, theme days, awarenes observances in the US + Moon Phases.

What celebrations do you include on your media calendar?

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